About Yuan Rapp

Yuan is a certified Pilates instructor through Core Dynamics Pilates and is Second Generation Pilates Master.  Her mission has always been to help people live a healthier and more fulfilling life through teaching the Pilates Method. 

Yuan originally developed an interest in body mechanics when she began ballet training at age ten. As a teen she had the privilege of attending the Harid Conservatory, a world-renowned dance boarding school.  Yuan later attended the Houston Ballet Academy and went on to have a professional dance career with Ballet Florida.  Later, she taught classical ballet to children and adults.

In 2000 Yuan fell in love with Pilates after she saw how it benefited her tremendously as a dancer.  She earned her Pilates certification through Core Dynamics Pilates with Michele Larsson.

Prices & Rates -Master Instructor

  • Single Session: $80
  • Ten Sessions: $800

 Yuan has worked as a Pilates instructor in studios in Southern California and South Florida. She has also worked at Associated Physical Therapy as a Physical Therapy Aide, teaching rehab exercises and Pilates to injured patients. In addition, she volunteered under the supervision of Mike Podlenski while teaching Pilates to service members in the Heroes in Motion program at the San Diego Navy Medical Center.  After several years of advanced Pilates training under Lolita San Miguel, a First Generation Pilates Master and Elder, Yuan became a Second Generation Pilates Master in 2015.

The attention to detail that Yuan has developed through her dance career, allows her to deliver a deeper, more holistic workout for her clients. This results in an ideal physique and superb functional performance. Yuan's experience with rehab patients also enables her to tailor workouts to meet personal goals and to prevent and rehabilitate acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries. Her unique combination of training and experience, as well as her dedication to her clients and warm and motivating personality, equip her to promote health, beauty, and functionality through teaching the Pilates Method.