Thanks to Danielle and her team of skilled instructors, I have finally found an exercise regimen for life!! They teach the philosophies of Joseph Pilates with passion and precision. They will truly inspire anyone of any age or body type. With time and dedication, you will see a total transformation of mind and body
— Jami Levanthol
Pilates has transformed my life on many levels. Physically stronger, flexible and incredible mindbody connection. The studio is well-equipped, comfortable and inviting. Danielle is awesome! She is knowledgeable, creative and a joy to work with. I have also worked with Veolleta and Laura— both wonderful. The instructors are classically trained and modify the workout to your body’s state on a given day.
— Sharon M.

I have been taking private and group classes at Danielle’s studio since it first opened. Every time I come I do different exercises so it never gets boring. My husband takes classes with Danielle as well and we have both seen our physique’s change as we have developed our core, arms and leg muscles. Danielle is also very aware of our physical limitations and chronic problems and never asks us to do things that could hurt us. We even Skype with her in the summer when we go to Maine! I also have enjoyed the classes I have taken with the other instructors; each one having their own unique and interesting style. I highly recommend Pilates Life Studio.
— Anonymous

The greatest studio to practice in. Danielle, the owner, is brilliant with her wealth of knowledge and ability to transform all ages, body types and injuries! The classes are motivating and affordable. Go to Pilates Life Studio and you will be a believer that Pilates is truly the best gift you can give yourself!
— Teresa Courage

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