Pricing Structure

Mat System: $1700.00

Two 3 1/2 Day Weekends * 56 Contact Hours


System I: $1550.00

Two 3 Day Weekends * 48 Contact Hours


System II: $1550.00

Two 3 Day Weekends * 48 Contact Hours


System III: $1150.00

One 4 Day Weekend * 32 Contact Hours


Total Cost of Program: $5950.00 


Final Exam: $250.00



 Contact Hours  184

 Observation Hours 124

 Student Teaching Hours 92  


Program Details:

The Mat System: Pre-Pilates, Mat and Post Pilates -Two 3 1/2-day weekends for a total of 56 hours.
For more information on the entire program please continue reading.

According to Ms. San Miguel, Mat is the basis for the Pilates Method. The Lolita’s Legacy™ Mat system is enhanced by the following course materials:

• Kinematics of Movement Anatomy Manual, created especially for the program by Dr. Aaron Spector.

• Introduction and Overview of the Pilates Method, which deals with the history of the creators of the Method and the “elders”.

• The Philosophy and Principles of Joseph Pilates and Ms. San Miguel.

• The Fundamentals, benefits and values of practicing the Pilates Method.

• A DVD of Ms. San Miguel’s workshop on the History of Pilates recorded for Pilates Anytime which includes a month free membership to Pilates Anytime.

• Two DVDs on Mat performed by Ms. San Miguel.

These materials accompany the Lolita’s Legacy™ Mat System Teacher Training Manual.

Course Contents

The Mat System is two weekends of training and consists of 56 contact hours. Upon the completion of the Mat System students will take System I, II, and III. Upon successful completion of all 4 Systems, assignments, course hours, and a passing score on the Final Exam students will earn a Comprehensive Certificate of Education signed by Lolita San Miguel and their Educator. The Mat System lays the foundation for your Pilates education and prepares you to begin your pathway of higher learning to become an inspiring Pilates professional.  





A letter from

Lolita San Miguel

I call my Teacher Training Program Lolita’s Legacy™ because I am very conscious of the marvelous legacy I received from Joseph Pilates as well as from other wonderful teachers, and I have finally designed a Teacher Training Program that embodies this legacy and my more than 56 years of professional experience in the movement of the human body. In Lolita’s Legacy™ my goal is to provide superior Pilates instruction and thus produce excellent Pilates teachers. For that reason my program is unique.  Only Pilates professionals whom I have personally trained for two years in my Mentor Program—a minimum of 160 hours directly with me—will be qualified to teach my Teacher Training Program. To help me in this endeavor I am pleased to announce that Kevin Bowen will be Coordinator of Education and Business Development. He was formerly with Peak Pilates and for many years Executive Director of the Pilates Method Alliance.
The Course is Comprehensive and covers historical and contemporary exercise on Mat, Reformer, Cadillac/Trapeze Table, Chair, Barrels and Auxiliary equipment in addition to history, philosophy and teaching protocols; the course is enhanced by an Anatomy Manual by Dr. Aaron Spector, written for Lolita’s Legacy™. The four parts of the course are: Introduction and Mat plus Systems I, II and III that cover Pilates Apparatus and Auxiliary equipment.



  • Payments are divided into the four parts of the course: Mat, System I, II, and III.
  • Students who chose to pay for the course in full will receive a 10% discount $5350.00
  • Please make checks payable to Lolita San Miguel, LLC.




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